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OC - Wu Zhenhui ~ Xiao by churien OC - Wu Zhenhui ~ Xiao by churien
I coloured everything kinda dull and dark, especially the skin so I edited it :iconlazycryplz: shoulda try to recolour it.
(吴真辉)Wu Zhenhui's the guy, (虓)Xiao's that almost unnoticeable cat there :iconcheezburgerplz:

While Liyan's the main character in my story, Zhenhui is actually the character with the most significant role so I guess both share the main role.

Since young, Zhenhui has been interested in anything supernatural. He would read on books on myths and the occult and attempt to learn more about them. At first it was only a hobby, but over the years it became a responsibility.

There is a rumour going around, about a figure called Othninto, said to be on the level of gods and thus feared and respected by many beings. As this tale goes by word of mouth, some (human side) has glorified him as a hero who restrains demons to keep humans safe, while some (non-human side) has twisted it to make him a devil abusing godly powers to eradicate supernatural entities to claim power. In reality, Zhenhui fills the role of Othninto but is a mere human who has dedicated most of his (still early) life to learning about the supernatural. He knows his power is nowhere near any god's and that he cannot handle this responsibility alone, so he got Liyan to join him under the alias Orion to aid him (with a few other enigmatic characters). His current goal is to keep peace between humans and non-humans.


Xiao is of Russian Blue breed. It has one eye shut and some scars due to history of being abused (Zhenhui found it as a kitten with one eye sewn shut and fresh wound marks). Its name means cloud and has similar pinyin to various other chinese characters, one of which is 'laugh/smile'. However, combined with its owner's surname, it sounds like 无效(no validity, suggesting its bleak outlook of life if cats consciously contemplated life that way) or 无笑 (no smile, suggesting a lack of happiness, also due to its bad past).

edit: accidentally drew both buckles on the same side. fixed OTL
edit again: also reduced his head size. I think I tend to draw big heads D:
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May 20, 2013
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